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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Denver Rescue Mission do?

Since 1892, Denver Rescue Mission has been meeting the needs of the poor and homeless through emergency services, community outreach, long-term rehabilitation, transitional programs and assistance for permanent housing. Click on the Our Services tab to learn more about specific programs or call 303.297.1815.

How do I volunteer at Denver Rescue Mission?

Volunteers are the life-blood of the Denver Rescue Mission. Short-term and long-term opportunities are available, from serving meals to sorting clothing and becoming a mentor. Click here to create a volunteer profile and view serving shifts and availability at each facility. We ask that you sign up to volunteer and not show up unannounced. Please click here, or call Kendra Walchinsky at 303.953.3954 or email at KWalchinsky@DenRescue.org for more information. Volunteer hotline: 303.953.3955 or Volunteer@DenRescue.org.

Can I donate online?

Monetary donations can be made online, by mail or phone. Click on the Donate tab to learn more.

Does Denver Rescue Mission participate in any door-to-door solicitation?

Denver Rescue Mission does not support, partner or benefit from any individuals or companies claiming to raise fund through door-to-door solicitations. If you have any questions of our involvement in a fundraising program, please contact us at 303.297.1815.

What types of donations do you accept?

The Mission always needs non-perishable food, clothing, hygiene items, furniture, and household items. Electric dryers, stoves and washing machines are accepted in working condition. Click here to view our greatest needs.

We do not accept the following: Upholstered furniture with pet hair or pet damage, computers, monitors, televisions, waterbed frames or mattresses, gas appliances, refrigerators, freezers, outdoor appliances, exercise equipment, king size beds, built-in appliances, paint, flammable or corrosive chemicals, outdoor furniture, and used toys. Please call Richard Yochim at 303.313.2413 or email him at RYochim@DenRescue.org for more information.

Donations can be dropped off at these Denver Rescue Mission locations - Lawrence Street Shelter – 1130 Park Ave West (Hours: 7am - 7pm) and Ministry Outreach Center – 5725 East 39th Avenue (Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm)

Do you pick up donations?

We can pick up furniture that does not fit in your vehicle. We do not pick up clothing, food or household items. Pickups should be scheduled a week in advance. Appointments are available on weekday mornings. Please call Richard Yochim at 303.313.2413 or email him at RYochim@DenRescue.org for more information.

 What is Denver Rescue Mission's Tax I.D. #?

The Mission's tax I.D. number is 84-6038762.

Does Denver Rescue Mission provide rental assistance?

The Mission has a transitional housing program and a program that provides assistance for permanent housing. For further information regarding assistance for permanent housing, please read about the Family Rescue Ministry. For more information about our transitional living community, please call the STAR Transitional Program office at 303.953.3963 or email LChatman@DenRescue.org.

Does Denver Rescue Mission provide assistance with utilities?

No. Please contact your local city/county for assistance programs.

How can I receive assistance with food, clothing or furniture?

The Client Services department provides a wide range of emergency services from food boxes to clothing and furniture, while also offering emotional and spiritual support. Please call Tanner Cogsdil at 303.313.2437 or email him at TCogsdil@DenRescue.org for more information.

For all other inquiries, please contact us at 303.297.1815 or info@DenRescue.org.

Denver Rescue Mission

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