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Emergency Care

Emergency Care: Food, Shelter, Clinic & Client Services

Denver Rescue Mission offers emergency services to thousands of needy people throughout the year. These core services correspond with our mission objective - to meet people at their physical point of need.


For many, the food we provide may be the only nutrition they receive. Last year, we offered 659,854 meals to the hungry throughout our facilities.

  • Meals - Every day of the year, the Lawrence Street Shelter, Harvest Farm, The Crossing, Fort Collins Rescue Mission and Champa House provide a breakfast, lunch and dinner meal.
  • Food Boxes - For the elderly, the sick, and the poor, food boxes supply nourishing meals for those who are unable to attend our meal times, or who prefer to prepare meals in their own homes. We assemble food boxes that can feed any size family for at least a week. If you are in need of food, please call Chad at 303.331.2911.
  • Holidays - The Denver Rescue Mission is dedicated to providing meals for the hungry year round. This includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  To inquire about our Thanksgiving-Banquet-in-a-Box, Adopt-a-Family or holiday banquets, please call us at 303.313.2456.


Many people who sleep on the streets live in constant fear of being robbed, beaten, or even killed. Last year, the Mission provided 171,480 nights of shelter for the needy.

  • Lawrence Street Shelter - Homeless men find a safe haven at the Lawrence Street Shelter, where over 300 warm beds await. A shower and hot meal here also offer relief and comfort. Those who stay the night at the Lawrence Street Shelter also have the opportunity to seek recovery and a new direction through our New Life Program.
  • Fort Collins Rescue Mission - Provides shelter for up to 75 homeless men and women.


The 1,150 square-foot clinic is located inside the Lawrence Street Shelter and provides medical, dental, nutritional, chiropractic, optical, and hearing services to program participants and homeless people who might otherwise not receive care. The clinic works with volunteer services providers and finds financial aid resources when needed. It also provides referrals to other health care facilities. Most services are provided free of charge. Last year, the clinic received 7,085 visits.

The clinic includes two dental chairs and operatives, an automatic dental x-ray processor, a daylight loader, all new sterilization equipment, and state-of-the-art optical equipment. Program residents can also learn new job skills in the clinic by assisting volunteer professionals and handling general reception duties.

  • Medical - Free medical care is offered several times a week.
  • Dental - General dental repair is limited to New Life Program participants. Free dental extractions are open to the public twice a month. For dental services involving lab fees, the Mission seeks individual grants for patients that qualify.
  • Optical - The optical clinic provides free eye exams, frames and lenses to program residents
    and free eyeglass frames to the public. Outside patients with a current prescription pay a nominal fee for both single lens glasses and bifocals.
  • Chiropractic - General chiropractic services are offered throughout the week.
  • Referrals - Clients may receive referrals to other agencies for care.
  • Volunteers - Services are provided as volunteers are available. Last year, 42 medical professionals volunteered at the clinic.

The clinic is located inside the Lawrence Street Shelter at 1130 Park Avenue West, Denver, CO 80205. For appointments or more information, please call 303.294.0157 #2104.

Client Services

Our Client Services Centers provide a wide range of emergency services from food boxes and clothing, to furniture and transportation assistance, while also offering emotional and spiritual support. Trained professionals assess and serve the needs of individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet. Clients may be “walk-ins” or be referred by other agencies, shelters, Denver Rescue Mission programs, social services, or friends.

Last year, the Mission’s Client Services Centers received 13,957 visits and provided the following kinds of help to needy individuals and families.

  • Food Boxes - Filled with perishable and non-perishable food. Given out once a month to families, single parents with children who can provide proof of dependency, single women, and disabled males. Clients receiving food boxes must also show a proof of residency.
  • Clothing - Distribution for men, women and children at the Ministry Outreach Center and Harvest Farm; distribution for men and women (limited supply) at the Lawrence Street Shelter.
  • Shelter - Referrals for men to the Lawrence Street Shelter and other shelters in the area. Referrals for women and families to appropriate area shelters, based on need.
  • Transportation assistance - Short-term token dispersal once a month for qualified uses.
  • Household items - Furniture and household items (including blankets, pillows, towels, and sheets) for needy families, by referral and appointment only.
  • Hygiene Items - Soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc.
  • Baby Needs - Food, formula, bottles, and diapers.
  • Referrals - Clients may be referred to agencies for employment and ID assistance, to local churches, and to outside organizations for additional needs.
  • Spiritual/Emotional - Prayer; emotional support; bilingual Christian literature; and family support books, videos and tapes. Encouragement to homeless clients who will benefit by participating in the New Life Program or Family Services.

Our Client Services Centers can be found at the following locations:



Lawrence Street Shelter
1130 Park Ave West
Denver, CO 80205
Fort Collins Rescue Mission
316 Jefferson Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Ministry Outreach Center (MOC)
5725 E. 39th Avenue
Denver, CO 80207
Harvest Farm
4240 E. Country Rd 66
Wellington, CO 80549

Denver Rescue Mission

6100 Smith Road
Denver, CO 80216
Telephone: 303.297.1815
Fax: 303.295.1566
e-Mail: info@denrescue.org