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New Life Program

Men and women who are suffering from addiction, abuse or other hardships and would like to make a lasting life change can participate in our transformative New Life Program. This program, offered at The Crossing, Harvest Farm and Champa House, combines spiritual, emotional and addictions counseling with academics, Bible study and work therapy into a curriculum that lasts 12-27 months.

Before enrolling in the program, participants must complete a “Program Candidacy” phase in which they learn about the program, receive duty assignments and are given health, psychological and educational evaluations.

Once enrolled, participants will begin their journey through the New Life Program’s following five phases of ordered, staged growth:

  • Orientation: Residents identify goals such as obtaining sobriety, overcoming personal problems and making educational progress.
  • Stabilization: Residents accept and develop disciplines to reach established goals.
  • Application: Residents attend church activities, complete educational track, may work part-time, and/or begin higher education classes.
  • Initiation: Residents form new, healthy community relationships, continue higher education, mentor lower phases, and may work full-time.
  • Independence: Residents develop an independent living plan and demonstrate self-sufficiency through career employment, financial savings and spiritual maturity.  

Post-Graduate Program

Many New Life Program graduates also participate in our Post-Graduate Program, which provides further mentoring, accountability, counseling, and financial assistance. Graduates also mentor others, as well as volunteer for the Mission while continuing random drug tests.

To view the New Life Program fact sheet, please click here.

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