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Letter from the CEO

Dear Friends,

Entering the front door of our Lawrence Street Shelter can not only changes the lives of the people who arrive for help, but the people who come to help as well! Just last month I was at a meeting with several nonprofits where a woman approached me and said: “My life was changed forever when I served a meal at your Mission. It was the turning point of my life.”

Apparently, while she was serving, there was a six-year-old boy who saw the last piece of chocolate cake on the buffet and asked if he could have it for his younger sister: “I like chocolate cake, but my little sister really likes it. May I have it for her?” The fact that this poor young boy was willing to sacrifice his own desire for cake to give to his sister had an immediate impact. (By the way, she found some more chocolate cake in the kitchen for him!)

Secondly, a woman she tried to give hot chocolate to at that same meal twice declined her offer for a warm cup of cocoa. The third time the homeless woman said: “I want it, but I am going to have to sleep outside tonight. If I drink it, I will have to go to the bathroom outside sometime in the night, and I just do not want to do that.”

The volunteer went home appreciating her soft bed, her nice bathroom where she took a warm shower, and her refrigerator full of food. The next morning she woke up resolved to help other people more than anything else. Over the next few weeks, she chose to leave her corporate job for a new career with a worthy nonprofit corporation.

Years have passed since that special night when she came to serve a meal, but she says, “It changed my life forever.” We believe that whoever walks through our front door has the opportunity to have their life changed in the name of Christ.

God Bless,
Brad Meuli President/CEO

Denver Rescue Mission

6100 Smith Road
Denver, CO 80216
Telephone: 303.297.1815
Fax: 303.295.1566
e-Mail: info@denrescue.org