Denver Rescue Mission is dedicated to changing lives by breaking the vicious cycle of homelessness. We offer lasting solutions to people in need — no matter what point they are in their lives. In order to achieve lasting change on a scale that will truly benefit those in need and the community in which we all live, people should be given the opportunity to learn the skills and behaviors that enable a successful, healthy life. It is just that type of transformational work that takes place in our New Life Program — a program for which we are recognized for our substantial margin of excellence.

New Life Program graduate Dave and his four-year-old-son

New Life Program graduate Dave and his four-year-old son David IV—known as “D”—cast their fishing lines into the water. His son is one of Dave’s main motivations to rise beyond alcohol abuse and continue living a healthy, productive life.

“The New Life Program set me on the right path. I now look up, not down.”

— Jeff Dines, Warehouse Supervisor, 
Denver Rescue Mission

Success Story

It was 2011 when Jeff walked eight miles to Denver Rescue Mission's Lawrence Street Shelter. He had no food, no job and no one to call. By the grace of God he entered the New Life Program that day.

Join Us

Breaking the cycle of homelessness requires significant investment. While the New Life Program is completely free to participants, it costs Denver Rescue Mission $23,743 per person per year. These long-term investments yield enormous returns. From an economic perspective, the City of Denver spends $43,000 per year on every homeless person. Those who graduate from our programs contribute to the local economy by paying rent, utilities, taxes and more. From a spiritual perspective, the value of permanently transforming lives simply cannot be quantified.

Our comprehensive approach is proven. Our impact is regional, national and global. Please join us and turn a last chance into lasting change.