Become a Mentor

Did you know nearly half of those experiencing homelessness in Denver are families?

We Need Your Help

Mentoring teams are an integral part of Family Rescue Ministry. When you become a Family Rescue Mission Mentor, you provide relational, emotional and spiritual support to participating families and seniors.

Mentoring is critical to a homeless family or senior's ability to be self-sufficient. This is an excellent opportunity for a small group to be involved in hands-on outreach to those in need.

"The mentors often say they are the ones who are blessed.” -Tom Melton, Senior Pastor, Greenwood Community Church

“I couldn’t hold back the tears. People just wanted to help us. Not for any reason, but just to help.” - Kim Banks, Program Participant

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the sponsoring group commitment?

  • Sponsor a homeless family or senior with $1,500 toward first month’s rent and deposit
  • Form a mentor team of 2–6 people

What is the mentoring team commitment?

  • Participate in 90-minute training
  • Meet 7 times over 4–6 months with family/senior
  • Guide family/senior toward self-sufficiency

What is the Mission’s commitment to the mentoring team?

  • Provide training session for mentors
  • Provide outline for each mentor meeting
  • Supply mentoring tools such as financial and parenting guidebooks
  • Offer follow-up throughout mentoring outreach

What are the mentoring team's areas of focus?

  • Provide financial budgeting guidance
  • Give material, relational and spiritual support
  • Guide family/senior toward meeting personal goals