Colorado Gives Day is December 5, 2017!

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What is Colorado Gives Day?

If there’s one thing Colorado knows, it’s that local is always better. We love to shop local and play local, so why not give local too?

Colorado Gives Day is all about making a difference where you live. That’s why we’re joining everyone in using #GiveWhereYouLive to promote the event and your opportunity to join your neighbors to make a difference in our community.

And the best part is, thanks to the Community First Foundation and FirstBank, there’s a $1 Million incentive fund for non-profits to get even more value from the donations their supporters make.

How does the incentive fund work?

At the end of Colorado Gives Day, each non-profit’s total amount of donations for the day will be counted. That total will then be compared to the grand total of all gifts made for Colorado Gives Day. This will determine what percentage of all gifts were made to a specific organization.

Then, that organization receives that same percentage of the $1 Million incentive fund.

So, the more funding an organization receives, the more they also receive from the incentive fund.

Why should I give to Denver Rescue Mission?

When you give, you want to know that your gifts are making a difference in people’s lives, and with more than 5,000 people experiencing homelessness in our city, the need is as great as ever.

But what makes Denver Rescue Mission the best place to give for Colorado Gives Day?

  1. We believe in change. 
  2. That’s why we strive to meet people at their various physical and spiritual points of need. Rather than helping people for a short time through a revolving door of recovery, we’re transforming people’s lives by helping them build important life skills and the community relationships they need to succeed and move beyond homelessness and addictions.

So this year, use your gifts on Colorado Gives Day to make lasting change in the lives of people in our community.

Here’s a quick list of great reasons to support the Mission this year:

  1. Our programs have a proven track record of transforming lives through our foundational approach.
  2. We meet a wide variety of needs in the homeless community including:
    • Meals for the hungry
    • Basic hygiene services like showers and laundry
    • Clean drinking water
    • Overnight shelter for men
    • Connecting people experiencing homelessness with vital services
    • Rehabilitation
    • A transitional program for people who are homeless despite having income
    • A program for women experiencing homelessness with children
    • A program to help homeless working families find a permanent housing solution
    • And emotional and spiritual guidance every step of the way

Why do you Give Where You Live?

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