Enterprise Zone Donations

The purpose of the Enterprise Zone Contribution Tax Credit Program is to support businesses and non-profit organizations, such as Denver Rescue Mission, located in economically distressed areas throughout the State of Colorado. The EZ tax credit allows a dollar-for-dollar reduction in state taxes owed by an amount equal to 25% of cash donations $250 or more. Please note: the State limits the number of credits available to each participating organization each calendar year. Once the limit is met, additional credits will not be issued until the next calendar year.

Please consult with your professional tax adviser to be sure the Enterprise Zone tax credit program will be of benefit to your specific tax situation.


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Emergency Services

Emergency Services at the Lawrence Street Community Center provides people struggling with street-level homelessness with open access to meals, hygiene care, basic health services, and emergency shelter. This service also provides intake for street-level homeless men to access services: Next Step, (also offered at the Holly Street Shelter) provides reserved beds and additional support as an alternative to the emergency shelter and includes Work Readiness activities.



New Life Program at the Crossing on Smith Road is a rehabilitative program with a primary focus on Work Readiness. Program activities include case management, customized education, community integration, interpersonal skills training, and employment training for men who have struggled with addiction or other hardships that require rehabilitation.


Transitional Programs


STAR Transitional Program

The STAR Transitional Program, also at the Crossing on Smith Road, provides transitional services and affordable housing to at-risk families and individuals. Program activities include case management, community integration and financial education to establish sustainable housing.

Family Refugee Services

Family Refugee Services works in partnership with Lutheran Family Services to support refugee families in Denver. Program activities help refugee families obtain permanent housing, employment (or retain employment if they already found work), financial literacy, language skills, and community integration through a volunteer mentor program.

Family Rescue Ministry

Family Rescue Ministry provides low-income families and seniors with mentors from the community and assistance with their first month’s rent and deposit toward a long-term housing solution. The program offers monetary support (restricted to first month’s rent and deposit) and programming for those moving into permanent housing. This program does not offer eviction/rental assistance for those currently in housing or needing assistance to remain in housing. To qualify, applicants cannot have a current lease.


Your Gift Makes a Huge Impact

EZ eligible programs and services at Denver Rescue Mission include:


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How EZ Donations Work

The Enterprise Zone tax credit allows a dollar for dollar reduction in state taxes owed by an amount equal to 25% of cash donations to Denver Rescue Mission of $250 or more.

1. Give a Gift of $250 or more.

Monetary donations of $250 or more to Denver Rescue Mission qualify for EZ tax credit.

2. Tell us you want EZ tax credit.

You must indicate your desire for Enterprise Zone tax credit. For example, write “EZ” on the memo line of your check. Or, when donating online, write “EZ” in the donor comments section.

You also must provide one of the following:

  • Federal Employer Tax Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Your Colorado Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Or the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

(We keep these numbers secure and private to your account.)

3. Receive your gift receipt and tax credit certificate.

Once we receive your gift, we will send you a receipt. If we have an email address on file for you, the State will email a copy of your tax certificate upon approval. Within 60 days, you will receive your mailed tax certificate.

You must file your tax return electronically with the Colorado Department of Revenue.

EZ Resources

For your convenience, we've gathered several EZ resources here that can help you learn more about the program and how it may apply to your donations.


Gift-In-Kind Donations and Enterprise Zone Tax Credit

Gift-In-Kind donations of stocks, bonds or mutual funds are eligible for Enterprise Zone tax credit at a rate of 12.5%. Qualified cash gifts may increase the tax value to a full 25%.

In order to receive the full 25% tax credit for Gift-In-Kind donations,the total amount of all qualifying cash gifts made to any Enterprise Zone charity must equal one-seventh of the combined value of all Gift-In-Kind donations made in that calendar year. More details can be found at the Colorado Department of Revenue website.

How to Donate Stock


Donate Stock

A donation of stocks, mutual funds or securities can qualify for EZ tax credit and offers a number of valuable financial benefits:

  • No capital gain to be recognized
  • Full value of stock is tax deductible
  • Stocks, bonds and most mutual funds accepted

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Workplace Giving

Gifts that qualify for EZ tax credit may also be eligible for an employer matching gift. Many employers offer matching gift programs up to one full year after you donate or volunteer grants to increase your impact in the community. Find out if your employer offers a matching gift program or volunteer grants today!

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Your Enterprise Zone Tax Certificate will now be emailed directly to you once it is approved.

If the information listed on your certificate is incorrect or you are missing a certificate, please contact us online or call 303.313.2406.

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