Many people who love supporting Denver Rescue Mission are encouraged to learn that they can leave a legacy of support for years to come by including Denver Rescue Mission in their estate plan or through a planned gift. Our partnership with The Orchard Foundation enables us to assist you with a wide variety of planned giving options including Charitable Gift Annuities, Donor Advised Funds, Trusts, Gifts of Securities and much more.

For more information on how to bless Denver Rescue Mission through an estate plan, will or with a planned gift, contact us at CHendricks@DenRescue.org or 303.313.2441 to get started. We, along with our planned giving partner The Orchard Foundation, will ensure that your charitable goals will be accomplished. Thank you for your heart for our ministry. Your generosity will enable us to keep changing lives in the name of Christ for many years to come.

You name Denver Rescue Mission as a beneficiary in your will or living trust, designating the gift of your choice (for example, cash, real estate, personal property, or securities).

There are several types of bequests to choose from. You maintain complete control of your assets during your lifetime and possibly save on estate taxes. 

Contingent Bequest: assumes that you want to leave your entire estate to family and friends. However, if you outlive any beneficiary, you can instruct that Denver Rescue Mission receive that portion of the estate.

Specific Bequest: designates a specific dollar amount or specific asset to Denver Rescue Mission.

Residual Bequest: Denver Rescue Mission will receive the remainder of your estate, or a designated percentage, after all necessary costs and bequests to others have been satisfied. Contingent Bequest: assumes that you want to leave your entire estate to family and friends. However, if you outlive any beneficiary, you can instruct that Denver Rescue Mission receive that portion of the estate.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and The Orchard Foundation. It is a wonderful instrument for giving to ministry, while receiving an income source. In exchange for your gift, we agree to pay you a fixed income for life, and a portion of your income may be tax-free. If you are like many individuals who are tired of living at the mercy of the fluctuating stock markets, a gift annuity is a solution that provides you with reliable income during your lifetime and then leaves a lasting gift to your favorite charities. You also receive a current charitable deduction for the value of your future gift to the ministry. In addition, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping advance the Kingdom of God.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A CGA is an agreement between you and our planned giving partner, The Denver Rescue Mission. When you transfer cash or appreciated securities to us, Denver Rescue will pay a fixed amount each year to you for life. Typically, a portion of these payments is tax-free. When the gift annuity ends, its remaining principal passes on to support the work of Denver Rescue Mission.

CGAs are one of the most popular giving tools because of their many benefits to you and to ministry. In addition to fixed income for life, you will receive a charitable income tax deduction in the year you make your gift. If you make a gift of appreciated stock or securities, you may also avoid paying some of the capital gains taxes. Payment rates are based on your age and are another reason why CGAs are so attractive. For example:

Gift Annuity Options

There are excellent options for establishing a charitable gift annuity:
  • Single-Life: Pays a fixed amount for the lifetime of one person.
  • Two-Life: Pays a fixed amount for the lifetime of two people.
  • Immediate (single- or two-life): For current income, you may begin receiving a fixed income as early as this year in exchange for your gift.
  • Deferred (single- or two-life): If you desire to begin receiving income at a fixed date in the future, you may establish the gift annuity and take your charitable deduction now; then plan to receive payments beginning at a designated future date.

How to Establish a Gift Annuity

Several types of assets may be gifted in exchange for a charitable gift annuity:
  • Cash: A cash gift is an excellent way to fund a gift annuity. A portion of the annuity income will be tax-free.
  • Appreciated Securities: Capital gain tax may be deferred on a gift of appreciated securities used to fund a gift annuity. A portion of your income will be treated as capital gain and spread out over a number of years, while another portion of the income may be tax-free.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A CRT offers you great flexibility in your stewardship planning. This solution can provide investment of your assets and make payments to you (or those you designate) at regular intervals, providing a supplementary income. At the end of the trust term, the remaining balance goes to support Denver Rescue Missions’ work. Through our partnership with The Orchard Foundation, they can serve as your trustee, managing your CRT with your input, freeing you from an administrative burden and ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits for which you qualify.

Charitable Lead Trust

You fund a trust that makes gifts to Denver Rescue Mission for a term of years, and then your family receives the trust remainder at substantial tax savings. You reduce gift and estate tax on assets transferred to heirs and retain the assets in your family.

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

DAFs have quickly become America’s most popular tool for charitable giving. DAFs are like your own private foundation but without any of the administrative red tape. One of the simplest ways to give real estate, stocks, mutual funds or commodities, DAFs offer an immediate tax deduction for the market value of your donation, but also allow you time to decide when you want to give. Administered through The Orchard Foundation, you will have 24/7 access to your DAF through Orchard’s state-of-the-art online DAF platform. This platform allows you to login whenever and wherever you choose and make distributions in just a few clicks. DAFs offer the opportunity to create an easy-to-establish, low cost, flexible vehicle for charitable giving as an alternative to direct giving or creating a private foundation. 

In addition, the DAF Direct widget here allows you to make gifts from many popular donor advised funds.

Gift of Securities

By giving a gift of stock, bonds, mutual funds or electronically traded funds, you can avoid capital gains taxes while receiving an immediate charitable income tax deduction. The Orchard Foundation can receipt the gift, liquidate the assets, and forward the balance to Denver Rescue Mission.

Ministry Gift Fund:

A Ministry Gift Fund (MGF) is established by a ministry for a specified and documented ministry need/purpose. It can be restricted to purpose and even treated as a quasi-endowment, if desired.  It can also be established for general purposes.  As opposed to a donor advised fund that is established by a donor who can then “advise” which ministry and purpose they wish to benefit, a MGF’s is funded by the ministry’s donor(s) and funds can only be distributed to the establishing ministry for the specified purpose.  A ministry may establish as many MGFs as it needs for its various purposes.


An endowment fund is designed to receive irrevocable gifts from donors, either during the donor’s lifetime or through a will or trust at death. The purpose of creating an endowment fund is to provide ongoing funding in perpetuity for a designated ministry effort.

Gifts of Real Estate:

Giving Denver Rescue Mission a personal residence, farm, vacation home or commercial or rental property during your lifetime can provide you with an immediate tax deduction and the chance to avoid capital gains tax.

Retirement or Life Insurance Gift

You can name Denver Rescue Mission as the beneficiary of the remainder of your retirement plan assets, or as the owner and/or beneficiary of an insurance policy and receive an immediate income tax deduction and possibly future deductions.