Including the Lord's Work In Your Will

Here are the most common ways to significantly increase your ministry impact through your Will:

  • Add "Ministry" to your family. Some families treat ministry organizations like an additional child. For example, if a family has three children, they might add a fourth child named "Ministry" and divide the assets in their Will into four equal parts. Each of their children would receive 25%, and the remaining 25% would be divided among their favorite ministry organizations.
  • Tithe on your Estate. Other families commit a 10% tithe of their estate to the ministry organizations they love, dividing the remaining 90% among their heirs.
  • Cap. Others prayerfully decide to "cap" their children’s inheritance, leaving the rest of their assets to ministry. This approach is used when the parents want to provide a modest gift to bless their children and eliminate concerns of creating dependence or giving too much too soon.
  • Update an existing Will. An attorney can add, delete, or change an item in your Will with an additional statement called a "codicil." Here's an example: "I give, devise, and bequeath twenty-five percent (25%) of my residuary estate to [church or ministry name] whose address is [city, state, zip code]. Like a Will, a codicil must be dated, signed, and witnessed.

Going Forward:

Now that you have a basic idea of what you need to do to create your Will, here are some additional resources to help answer any questions you may have:

This information is not intended as legal, accounting or other professional advice. For assistance in charitable planning, consult an attorney for legal advice or the services of a qualified professional.