Letter from the CEO

April 01, 2018

Dear Friends,

When I joined the staff of Denver Rescue Mission 19 years ago, on April Fool’s Day (I know, can you believe this is my anniversary at the Mission!), I did not know much about being homeless or about what it took to help someone out of poverty. I imagine that I was like many of you—I just wanted to help people change their lives—and I knew that Jesus could help them do that.

Although I have learned a lot in my time here at the Mission, I cannot say I have all the answers. But here are some of the things I have learned that I think you might find interesting:

  1. God is in control, and I am not.
  2. We can never give up trying to help people, to love them. Even when things seem very bleak and when you think someone might not make it, it’s at this point, the lowest point, when you often see the greatest change in their hearts.
  3. We can always improve. We can never be too proud to learn, to try something new.
  4. Always be grateful. I am so grateful for you, our wonderful donors who continue to express your love for people like Nelson (featured in this month’s newsletter) with your gifts, prayers, and by volunteering. Thank you!

Of course, this is not all that I have learned in 19 years, but it will have to do for now! Let me end by quoting Winston Churchill, who said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Thanks for making lives better with your love for others at Denver Rescue Mission. We appreciate you!

God Bless,

Brad Meuli


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