Letter from the CEO

November 01, 2018

Dear Friends,

Wow! You Rock!

Words cannot adequately express my feelings of thankfulness for what you have done to help us reach people experiencing homelessness and poverty at Denver Rescue Mission. For 126 years, we have been able to feed, clothe, provide a warm bed, and uplift people because you have been committed to our ministry. Your heart and compassion for “the least of these” has allowed this great work to go on. Today, because of your generosity, more than 200 employees serve at 9 locations, providing not only a meal and a safe place to stay, but sharing the love of Jesus with all who come through our doors. Because of you, we are able to reach out and help people get off the street and become productive self-sufficient citizens. And, just as important, we are able to communicate to people who walk through our doors that they are loved and cared for.

Although incredibly difficult at times, there is nothing quite like this job in terms of satisfaction and joy. At Denver Rescue Mission, we get to make a difference in the lives of people and we get to see change happen. It really is great to be a part of Denver Rescue Mission. Thank you for making it possible for me, and all of us at the Mission to see real change in people’s lives in the name of Christ! Your gifts are truly making an impact.  I will be forever grateful to you for your generosity and this opportunity to minister.  

Happy Thanksgiving, you are awesome!

Brad Meuli


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