Letter from the CEO

October 01, 2018

Dear Friends,

Our chefs rock! That is all there is to it. If you have ever been responsible for feeding a lot of people, you will appreciate this edition of Changing Lives! Imagine if you had to wake up way before the sun comes up to prepare over 1,500 meals; this happens every day in our kitchens.

Our chefs come to work knowing they will be working with men enrolled in our Next Step service and New Life Program, training and teaching them valuable work readiness skills. And then there’s the work our volunteers do, we could not do it without our terrific volunteers! They come on a daily basis with big hearts and a willingness to help us serve.

Oh, and did I mention that most of our food is donated? Truly, our chefs have an incredible challenge, not just at the Lawrence Street Community Center, but at all of our facilities. Our motto is to never run out of food for the hungry people we serve, and they take this to heart.

We often say, “it all begins with a meal.” A simple meal gives us the opportunity to begin a relationship with people experiencing homelessness. Because of that meal, we are able to come alongside hurting people and offer hope, the hope that Jesus brings.

The next time you prepare a meal for your family, or eat at a restaurant, would you remember our committed chefs and the outstanding work they do? I know they would appreciate your prayers and your support.

Thank you for partnering with us!

Brad Meuli


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October 2018

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