Letter from the CEO

March 03, 2017

Dear Friends,

There are a lot of great photos that our staff take which remind me what a privilege it is to serve people in need through the work we do at Denver Rescue Mission. I must admit there is something so heartwarming about seeing a picture of someone enjoying a healthy meal at one of our facilities. Knowing that we serve nearly 850,000 meals a year, it is uplifting to see a photo of someone smiling as they enjoy their food.

But the photos I love the most come at Easter. These photos are of volunteers or staff members down on their knees washing the feet of one of our neighbors suffering in homelessness. The image of serving by washing someone’s feet reminds me of what Jesus did for the disciples in the Bible shortly before his death on the cross. Washing their feet was his example to his followers of what we should do daily for others—serve them.

Washing someone else’s feet and allowing someone to wash your feet are both humbling experiences. The photo inside this month’s Changing Lives showing one of our donors washing a guest’s feet is a powerful one. It also reminds me that while we may not all have the opportunity to wash the feet of someone in need, we can all humble ourselves and serve one another.

This Easter, perhaps you could remember this photo and be confident that we appreciate you partnering with us as we work on bended knee to help others. Happy Easter!

God Bless,

Brad Meuli

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