Letter from the CEO

May 02, 2017

Dear Friends,

One of my favorite memories of all time is seeing a middle-age man in our New Life Program stand up and read his Bible out loud in front of staff and other program participants. Why was this significant? Because when he entered the program just 90 days before, he could not read at all. It was a powerful moment, and I am not sure there was a dry eye in the place.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot imagine going through life without being able to read. In our hi-tech, twenty-first century, computer world, not being able to read would not only be embarrassing but horribly restrictive. Just functioning daily would be a struggle, let alone obtaining a good job. And trying to raise yourself out of poverty and homelessness would seem insurmountable.

Sadly, the number of people in our society who find themselves not able to read or who read at less than a high school level is shocking. This is why every participant in our New Life Program goes through our Lifeskills Education and Career (LEC) classes. In order to help people reach life goals, we start by assessing where they are academically before helping them prepare educationally to succeed (earning their GED’s, improving math and reading skills, computer training, etc.). This process is essential to obtain life goals that will allow them to be productive, self-sufficient citizens.

Linney’s story, featured in this month’s newsletter, is an encouraging story of success. Thank you for partnering with us to help all of the Linneys at Denver Rescue Mission who come to us for help! You are making a difference!

God Bless,

Brad Meuli