Life-Changing, Rehabilitation Program

“Graduation is a great accomplishment and milestone… The program has given me techniques for dealing with my addiction for the rest of my life. The counselors got to the core of my issues and taught me how to live clean and sober. I know there is another life for me now.” - Lester, New Life Program graduate

If you have suffered from addiction, abuse or other negative and destructive habits, we invite you to join the Mission’s New Life Program to make a lasting change in your life. In the program, participants are given the opportunity to become productive, self-sufficient members of society.

The program consists of Bible study, counseling, education, life skills development, work therapy, and case management.

While in the New Life Program, some participants earn their GEDs and go on to higher education, and some qualifying graduates receive vehicles. Progress in the program brings increased responsibility and freedom, the reward of graduation, and a new life!

5 Basic Components of the Program

The New Life Program is a long-term rehabilitation program offered free of charge to all participants. It focuses on five basic components:

  1. Spiritual Development: New Life Program participants are given many opportunities for personal development in Jesus Christ.
  2. Case Management: During weekly appointments, the case manager/chaplain helps participants address their spiritual, physical, psychological, legal, financial, medical, educational, and/or employment-related issues.
  3. Christian Counseling: A professional counselor provides participants with Christian-based counseling.
  4. LifeSkills, Education & Career: Participants are given an opportunity to discover and develop their personal, academic and career potential.
  5. Work Therapy: This component of the program is designed to prepare each participant for a life of successful employment by developing a solid work ethic, positive experiences and valuable skills.

Goals of the Program

The four main goals of the program are to see long-term change in the following areas:

  • Providing for Sustainable Housing
    • As a ministry to people experiencing homelessness, our first goal is to see our program graduates providing for their own sustainable housing needs. Maintaining this goal enables graduates to maintain the other goals as well. 
  • Maintaining Healthy Community
    • In the program, participants learn to build and maintain healthy community relationships. These relationships encourage accountability and continued productive participation in society.
  • Maintaining Sustainable, Full-Time Employment or Equivalent Income
    • In order to provide for sustainable housing, graduates must be able to maintain sustainable, full-time employment or equivalent income. 
  • Overcoming Destructive Habits
    • By continuing to maintain these program goals, graduates are able to overcome the destructive habits that brought them to the Mission in the first place. Our goal is to see graduates transformed by overcoming destructive habits in their lives.

New Life Program for Men


Participants must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Free of sex offenses and current violent charges
  • Physically able to do chores
  • Stocked with a 30-day supply of any prescribed non-narcotic medication
  • Willing to submit to random drug and alcohol testing
  • Serious about a life change
  • Open to the message of Christ


Candidates prepare for the New Life Program at the Lawrence Street Shelter in lower downtown Denver. Candidates at the shelter learn about the New Life Program, receive health and case management screenings and participate in Mission outreaches and activities.

Once the program candidate demonstrates readiness to continue with the program, he transfers to The Crossing in northeast Denver or to Harvest Farm near Fort Collins, Colorado.

Time Considerations

The program candidacy period may last 30 to 120 days and begins with a 30-day restriction to the facility.

After candidacy, New Life Program participants are not allowed to be employed or attend school outside of the program until Phase 3 (approximately 8 months).

The New Life Program can take 12 to 27 months to complete.

Post-Graduate Program

Many New Life Program graduates also participate in our Post-Graduate Program, which provides further mentoring, accountability, counseling, and financial assistance. Graduates also mentor others, as well as volunteer for the Mission while continuing random drug tests.

New Life Program for Women with Dependent Children


Participants must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A single mother with children 12 years or younger
  • On or eligible for TANF
  • On or eligible for food stamps
  • At least 3 months sober with completed treatment or 6 months sober without treatment
  • Committed to complete the one to two year program
  • Willing to submit to random drug and alcohol testing
  • Serious about a life change
  • Open to the message of Christ

Time Considerations

Participants are not allowed to be employed upon entering the program as the initial two phases are dedicated to education and building healthy life-skills toward self-sufficiency.

Higher education or employment can then be pursued upon completion of phase 2.

The New Life Program at Champa House lasts 12-25 months.

Post-Graduate Program

The post-graduate program is designed to provide support and guidance to a participant as she transitions from a Champa House participant to a graduate.

Graduates are required to uphold the following five areas to participate in the Post-Graduate Program:

  • Budgeting
  • Addiction Recovery Support
  • Challenge Area Support
  • Giving Back 

If you are interested in achieving self-sufficiency by participating in our New Life Program at Champa House, please call 303.294.9961.