Emergency Services

Thousands in our city wonder where they will spend the night, where their next meal will come from and if they will make it one more day alone on the streets.

For people experiencing homelessness and poverty, basic needs like food, shelter, water, clean restrooms, showers, and laundry services can be difficult to access regularly. And the instability caused by being homeless can create a seemingly endless cycle of brokenness and depression, leading some people to abuse drugs and alcohol as an escape.


Emergency Services Available at the Mission



Overnight Shelter

Daytime Courtyard

Showers & Restrooms

Laundry Services

Basic Health Services

Additional Services and Support

In addition to these services, guests can talk with compassionate Mission staff about spiritual and practical solutions to the various challenges they face. By providing some stability and encouragement through these basic services, we build trust with our homeless and struggling neighbors and help many of them take the next step toward a new life without homelessness and addiction.


The Goal of Emergency Services

Through basic emergency services, guests have their immediate needs met, and we build relationships with them. Once trust is established, our invitation to consider long-term solutions, like the life-changing programs we offer, is more readily accepted.


Next Step Services


Some people who come to us for help don’t need an immersive, long-term program to become self-sufficient. Instead, a temporary bed, meals and some basic assistance and education is enough to jump-start their journey toward a new life. For these people, the Mission offers a selection of services we call Next Step. As a Next Step participant, guests receive:

  • A consistent bed, instead of being entered into the nightly lottery system that normally distributes bed assignments
  • Access to basic life-skills classes
  • Bible studies (also open to regular guests)
  • Accountability (participants must remain drug and alcohol free)
  • Assistance with various legal needs
  • Assistance accessing government, unemployment or disability benefits when available
  • Other basic case management assistance

Thanks to the support of faithful donors in our community, we’re able to offer a wide variety of services to help people take the next step in overcoming poverty and homelessness.

“Thanks to the Mission, I’m better equipped to take life head-on than I was when I came to Denver. I’m so grateful for that.”

— Jeff, Next Step participant


You Make It All Possible

We’re able to provide these essential, life-saving services to people in need because of the generous support of donors like you. Thank you.


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If You or a Loved One Need Help

If you or a loved one need help, contact us to see what services may best fit your needs, or learn more about our services online.

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