Transitional Programs

Qualifications for Family Rescue Ministry

Participants in Family Rescue Ministry must:

  • Be either seniors (60+ years old) or a family (with legal custody of at least one child age 17 or younger)
  • Be homeless (cannot be in a lease at the time of contacting Family Rescue Ministry)
  • Have documented and verifyable source of legal employment or social security income
  • Have no felonies in the previous 24 months
  • Be willing to submit to a background check and drug screening

*Additional requirements may apply

Participants must also provide the following documentation:

  • Photo IDs for all adults
  • Social Security Cards for all members of the household
  • Marriage license
    • All couples must be legally married or in a common law marriage
  • Proof of steady, legal income (income limits/requirements may apply)
  • Homeless verification

*Additional requirements may apply

Families in need can get pre-qualified on the Family Rescue Ministry Hotline at 303.313.2440.

For working individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness, finding a safe and affordable place to live while they transition out of poverty can be a challenge.

Our STAR Transitional Program helps people who are homeless despite having a job, transition out of homelessness and into a sustainable, self-sufficient life. At our largest facility, The Crossing, individuals and families are able to live in a safe and encouraging community away from the alcohol, drugs and abuse prevalent in disreputable hotels and on the streets.


Making the Transition

We help STAR Transitional Program participants through:

  • Case management
  • Life-skills training
  • Financial management training
  • Cultivating healthy community relationships
  • Youth development programs

Unlike the New Life Program, the STAR Program uses program fees to encourage personal and financial responsibility. At least one STAR Transitional Program adult must have a minimum income of $800/month for individuals and $1,000/month for families.

“We’ve been through a lot, but we’re happy. The Mission is a good place to build your foundation.”

— Thomas and Denise, STAR Transitional Program Graduates


The Goal of the STAR Transitional Program

In the STAR Program, families and individuals develop and practice important life skills, save money, gain the tools they need to provide for their own housing, and transition into a self-sufficient lifestyle when they graduate.


Change Happens Here

In the STAR Program, families and individuals are empowered to save money and become self-sufficient when they graduate, and it’s all thanks to supporters like you.


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Other Transitional Programs Available


Family Rescue Ministry

The Mission’s Family Rescue Ministry program provides families and seniors in need with mentors from the community and assistance with their first month’s rent and deposit toward a long-term housing solution.

Become a Mentor

Find Out If You Qualify

Families in need can also get pre-qualified on the Family Rescue Ministry Hotline at 303.313.2440.


Family Refugee Services

Families who come to the United States from another country as refugees have limited relational and material support. Through the Mission’s Family Refugee Services, these families are partnered with a mentor team who will work with them to help with basic needs, community orientation, employment skills, financial skills (bilingual assistance if necessary), and social and emotional support.

Become a Mentor

To learn more, call 303.313.2440.

Family Refugee Services is provided in partnership with Lutheran Family Services. We work with refugees from all over the world, including Somalia, Sudan, Liberia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Iraq.


If You or a Loved One Need Help

If you or a loved one need help, contact us to see what services may best fit your needs, or learn more about our services online.

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