History of The Mission

Denver Rescue Mission has been serving the homeless and most vulnerable in our community for more than 125 years. Rooted deep in our history is a love of Christ and a yearning to share that love with others. The Mission’s work today is much different than what we did in 1892. Yet, when Joshua Gravett opened a home for former prostitutes called “Market Street Mission,” his vision to see broken lives restored became the driving force behind all we do today at Denver Rescue Mission. Through the tireless efforts of our staff, volunteers, donors, and supporters like you, we’ve been able to continue our work another day, another month, another decade to serve those in need.


We invite you to explore our historical timeline below and discover why the Mission’s legacy of changing lives has lasted for more than a century... 


How to navigate this timeline

  • Use the right and left arrow keys to progress in chronological order 
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