Transitional and Permanent Housing Solutions

STAR Transitional Program

If you are an individual or family wishing to rebuild your life and achieve self-sufficiency, you are invited to participate in our STAR transitional program at The Crossing. Away from substance abuse prevalent in hotels and on the streets, you and your family can live safely in The Crossing’s affordable housing units while working toward program goals.

Once enrolled, you and your loved ones will gain the tools needed to attain stability and permanent housing through case management, emphasis on education and career goals, structure, healthy lifestyle, and youth development.

Please be aware that at least one STAR Transitional Program adult must have an income of at least $900/month for individuals and $1000/month for families.

If you are interested in achieving stability for you or your family by participating in our STAR Transitional Program at The Crossing, please call 303.953.3900.

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Family Rescue Ministry

Family Rescue Ministry helps working families and seniors experiencing homelessness secure stable housing by funding their first month's rent and deposit in a long-term housing solution, and pairing them with mentor teams who help guide them toward self-sufficiency.

To learn more, call 303.313.2440.

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Family Refugee Services (FRS)

If you and your family recently came to the United States from another country and have limited relational and material support, you are invited to receive assistance through our Family Refugee Services. The Mission will provide a mentor team for your family who will work with you to help you with basic needs, community orientation, employment, financial skills (bilingual assistance if necessary), and social and emotional support.

To learn more, call 303.313.2440.

Family Refugee Services is provided in partnership with Lutheran Family Services. We work with refugees from all over the world, including Somalia, Sudan, Liberia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Iraq.